b'EQUITY INVESTMENT COMPANIESCOCONUT SOFTWARE ENVIRONMENTAL MATERIAL SCIENCE Katherine Regnier Steven D. SicilianoSuite 102121 Research Drive3038 Faithful Avenue Saskatoon, SKS7N 1K2 Saskatoon, SK S7K 0B1Coconut Software makes it effortless for customers to connect with theirEnvironmental Material Science (EMS) has developed a battery or solar-financial institution. Their enterprise appointment scheduling and lobbypowered remote soil sensor capable of measuring hydrocarbons, methane, management solutions are used by leading banks and credit unionscarbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, salinity, moisture and temperature. The EMS across North America, including RBC Royal Bank, Arvest Bank, Vancity andsystem also includes distributor technology with a biostimulant. The soil Rogue Credit Union. They deliver a seamless customer experience thatssensor is coupled with machine learing software that acts as a decision improved NPS scores, reduced wait times and increased conversion ratessupport tool to optimize soil management. The EMS system (sensors, for the organizations who use it. Founded in 2011, Coconut Software isdistributors, biostimulants) provides insights into a sites existing and future headquartered in Saskatoon, SK with offices in Toronto, ON. liability without ongoing costly and intrusive investigations.DIAMOND HOUSE HEARTHEROHeather Haupstein Gary Montague#101-3550 Taylor Street East3513 Brighton Blvd., Suite 560 Saskatoon, SK S7H 5H9 Denver, CO 80216 Golden Health Care Inc. (GHCI) is the largest private provider of long-termHeartHero is on a mission to save millions of lives from Sudden care facilities in Saskatchewan with 7 facilities currently in operation. PIC isCardiac Arrest (SCA). They are revolutionizing the Automated External a partner with GHCI and other investors in the 7th facility called DiamondDefibrillator (AED) by developing an ultra-portable, affordable, user-House, a 100 room assisted living and level 1 to 4 personal care home locatedfriendly AED to make this life-saving technology accessible and in Warman. The GHCI successful delivery model provides care home residentsattractive to the consumer market, while simultaneously creating a with a home-like, caring family atmosphere designed to enhance their well- better alternative for the existing institutional market.being and sense of self-worth. DISTRICT VENTURES CAPITAL CPG-1 HUMAN IN MOTION ROBOTICSAND CPG-2 LP FUNDS Dr. Edward Park andArlene Dickinson Dr. Siamak Arzanpour2540 Kensington Road NWUnit 520, 369 Terminal Ave.Calgary, ABT2N 3S3 Vancouver, BC V6A 4C4PIC invested in the District Venture CPG-1 and CPG-2 LP Funds. BothHuman in Motion Robotics patented exoskeleton funds are led by General Partner, Arlene Dickinson. The venture capitaltechnology enables people living with a wide range of mobility funds invest in innovative companies in the food and beverage andchallenges to stand and walk without need of crutches or an attendant, health and wellness sectors. District Ventures is the leading ecosystemperhaps for the first time ever. Their goal is to empower the millions in Canada that focuses on the CPG space and brings capital, marketingof people with limited use of their legs to go about many of their support, programming and commercialization as support to thedaily activities without need of a wheelchair and mitigate the health companies it invests in. consequences of being confined to a sedentary position.8 PIC GROUP 2023 ANNUAL PROFILE'