b'2023 sales$65,819,713 total assets $23,957,460Panther In the upcoming year, were really going to be focusing on procurement, making sure we have the manpower and resources Industriesto make that department thrive. We want to make sure our relationships, old and new, have everything they need to keep going strong. Building relationships that give us an edge in the market while meeting our goals is super important to us. As we Looking back on 2023, its clear how unique this year was for allkeep moving forward, well always stick to keeping the integrity and of us at Panther Industries. We saw things slowly getting back toquality Panther has always been known for.normal in our supply chain, making competition heat up. OverseasWe like to end each report with a teaser, and man weve got commodities were making their way back into North America,something big on the horizon: the first-ever acquisition in Panthers ocean freight started to normalize, and commodity prices dropped47 years of business history by the years endthats a huge step back down to more realistic prices. You know commodities are outforward for us all.of line when some had dropped over 100%! So, you can imagine how proud we all are by only seeing a revenue drop of 12% fromEyeing that $100 million benchmark seems a bit less like a dream our previous record breaking year. and more like a reality every day. Your rock-solid support and These last two solid years have given us room to reinvest in Panther.dedication have been instrumental in this. So, get ready for the Weve made some cool changes like getting our fancy new packagingexciting times ahead! I cant wait to keep you all in the loop with our robot, Alex installed and operational, replacing our old silos withprogress in the coming months and years.new stainless-steel ones, and adding nine new heavy-duty Lyndie Forklifts to our fleet. These changes have helped us increase our capacity without inflating our work force and made the movement and shipping of our products seamless. Weve also breathed new life into our strategic plan, putting in motion new goals that will guide usCLAYTON SCHNEIDERtoward hitting our $100 million mark in the next 24 months.With our upgraded equipment, were able to do more in packaging, which means we open up more opportunities for growth. In continuing our push towards being innovative, were going to automate our Pallet Plant at our Davidson location. We are aiming to be less reliant on heavy labor by this November. Were really proud of being able to make these types of changes. It means were able toFun Fact: offer jobs that are open to everyone, and these jobs are safer, leading PANTHER PURCHASED OVER to career longevity.12,000,000 BF OF LUMBER IN 202318 PIC GROUP 2023 ANNUAL PROFILE'