b'2023 sales$2,889,923 total assets $4,791,324AdventureDead Lake and Bills Lake Outpost Camps sold out in June; further developing our relationships with local First Nations communities to share authentic Northern Saskatchewan Indigenous experiences; Destinationsand hosting the PIC Leaders Retreat showcasing our hard work and pursuit of excellence with colleagues.Inc. The change of culture that accompanies the pursuit of excellence does not resonate with everyone. We said good-bye to those that were not aligned and celebrate the all-star team we have and continue to build. Thank you for your hard work and contribution to 2023 was a year of pursuing excellence and working hard to take careour growing success. And a special shout-out to the marvelous Miss of and provide the best experience for each of our guests. And thenMegan Foster, ADI Controller and PIC Senior Accountant, who can look what happened! ADI was awarded Business of the Year fromalso be found crawling under a cabin fixing a furnace, training the Hospitality Saskatchewan, exemplifying industry best practices infront desk, waiting tables, hosting at a tradeshow, or organizing bear all aspects of its operations and all-round business excellence in thetags. She is a rock-solid pillar in the foundation of ADI. tourism industry. Wow, that felt good. Now back to work.We will continue the work to build our best team, improve our Success came through ADI Hunts, our outfitting business under theassets, diversify our offerings, develop smart partnerships, streamline leadership of Tony Antoniadis, growing and thriving like crazy; Twinour operations, build our foundation, and strive to be excellent for Falls Lodge, our newly built fly-in lodge, maturing and settling intoyou. its identity as a world-class offering with leadership of the amazing Chef Evan Anderson and our team of professional fishing guides from Stanley Mission First Nation; Thompsons Resort Restaurant and kitchen becoming a culinary destination and increasing revenue by 25% under the direction of head cook Nic Spence from La Ronge; increased winter activities at Thompsons Resort with the purchase ofLAURA HALEan ice fishing shack, hosting our best fat bike winter weekend yet, and our second year sponsoring The Canadian Challenge International Sled Dog Race; hosting international visitors swimming the mighty Churchill River with UK-based holiday provider SwimTrek; trial runFun Fact: of our new Culinary Tour with Chef Jenni Lessard; partnering to 1000 MISSINIPE LOADED BURGERS SOLD AT host a new Womens Only Fishing and Learn to Fly Fish weekend;THOMPSONS RESORT RESTAURANT THIS SUMMER OVER 1200 KM OF WINTER FAT TIRE BIKE TRAIL RIDING IN THREE DAYS28 PIC GROUP 2023 ANNUAL PROFILE'