b'2023 Premium$26,977,396 total assets $10,780,000Long LakeThe Commercial Center of Excellence has excelled. This success is attributed to excellent client service which in turn has been Insurance rewarded with many client referrals.Although the industry is still in a hard market, which makes marketing client risks more difficult, our team has done an excellent job navigating through this time.To date we are sitting at a 94% policy retention rate which is a January 1, 2023, saw the closing acquisition of Lanigan Agencies. testament to all our personal and commercial lines advisors and Lanigan is a great location for Long Lake Insurance, tying in perfectlytheir dedication and commitment. Success in personal lines is largely with our other rural locations and strengthening our presence withindue to the increase of overall premiums which assists the advisors in Central Saskatchewan.Lanigan will be our second largest producingbeing able to provide more Insurance Markets options to our clients. office for Long Lake Insurance with much opportunity for growth inOnce again, I cannot say enough about the support and guidance this area.that I receive from the PIC & ABD family, and it fits perfectly with our We invested in a new Broker Management software called Appliedcore value as a team we are stronger.Epic.This program brings LLI into an era of increased automation and connectivity with our clients.In the short term the team is successfully navigating and adjusting to new workflows, procedures, and some challenges that come with a new technology transformation.In the long run team members will be rewarded with next level work efficiencies, allowing them to put time and energy into client service.Our organizational chart has never been stronger.In relation toSCOTT FRIZZELLthe significant growth which we have experienced in the past four years there are recognizably different challenges having offices geographically dispersed throughout the province.We made a conscious decision to spend much-needed time stepping back and taking a high-level look at our structure, ensuring we are supporting our team the best we can.Adding the organization layer designated as Branch Leaders has significantly assisted in the communication, support, and training for the team.Fun Fact:44 FULL/PART TIME TEAM MEMBERS - 4% OF WHICH ARE MEN24 PIC GROUP 2023 ANNUAL PROFILE'