b'2023 sales$195,193,637 total assets $76,437,472from our technology investments.Working closely with groups ClearTechand individuals across the Company, the Pivot Team is improving systems, reducing manual processes, and enhancing data analysis.Industries Inc. We believe that optimizing installed technologies alongside our human capabilities will help drive innovation, meet changing customer expectations, and ensure our sustained prosperity. Facilities and infrastructure received a boost in 2023.First, in Calgary, ClearTech achieved exceptional results in 2023.Much of thewe relocated operations to a new-to-us building as purchased and success was due to our focused efforts and effective execution. Ourrenewed by Round Table Management (RTM).The new footprint is ongoing investments in people, infrastructure, technology, customermore than double our previous size with significantly improved truck relationships, and overall business strategy had us well positioned foraccess and large yard space.Strategic decisions were made to cease generating positive results.However, it is important to acknowledgepackaging operations in Calgary thus creating a warehouse and that a significant portion of our surging 2023 performance should bestorage terminal in the new space.The packaging requirements for attributed to external factors and how we responded. Southern Alberta were relocated to our flagship production facility Pricing has been a predominant factor influencing ClearTechsin Edmonton further leveraging the potential of the Edmonton substantial revenue growth in recent times.Rising demandsite.Next, in Regina, we moved to a dedicated building, leaving a for commodities as the COVID pandemic eased, together withshared space behind.Our footprint in Regina has doubled plus we headwinds from high energy costs, disruptions in supply chain, andhave new yard and rail access.Both new facilities provide improved geopolitical events contributed to driving chemical pricing upwardsaccess, brighter and safer working conditions, plus people friendly and prevented any quick retreat over the last year. The globalwork and break areas.In addition, both add to ClearTechs position situation continues to play a pivotal role in supply and demand foras a long-term value tenant for our sister company, RTM. commodity chemicals across all sectors.While we anticipate someLooking ahead, we anticipate that these initiatives and investments moderation in 2024, we generally expect pricing to remain strong,position ClearTech for continued growth and innovation, allowing us well above pre-COVID levels. to proactively adapt to the evolving needs of our supply chain and Closer to home we focus on what we can control and continue tomarkets, while empowering the dedicated team of employees who build on our strengths.After successfully operating under our neware at the heart of our success.NetSuite ERP system in 2022 and the debut of our collaborative SharePoint system in 2021, we continued to push forward in 2023 with internal improvements including the launch of an important initiative called Project Pivot.With critical technology architecture in place, Project Pivots mandate is to optimize and gain full valueRANDY BRACEWELLFun Fact:EVERY YEAR CLEARTECHS RETURNABLE CONTAINER PROGRAM SAVES MORE THAN 1.8 MILLION KILOGRAMS OF PLASTIC, STEEL AND WOOD FROM RECYCLING DEPOTS AND LANDFILLS.14 PIC GROUP 2023 ANNUAL PROFILE'