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2013 was an exciting year at ClearTech. Total revenues exceeded the 100 million mark for the first time in company history securing a significant new milestone. Furthermore we increased our business at a near record 23 year-over-year by continuing to strengthen our market position and execute on our strategic initiatives. Sales developed favorably thanks to the hard work of our entire team and the commitment of our supplier partners. Growth was achieved across most of our traditional product lines and throughout our geography. Many things contributed to our success including the forward momentum of newer product offerings increased product availability from a key partner and the acquisition of Advance Chemicals Ltd in Port Coquitlam BC.These all participated in helping accelerate us to the record revenue level. The recent success and our continued growth are not only reliant on the products we sell but also on the customer relationships we establish and the specific people who establish them. We have worked hard to get the right people in every area of our business throughout the organization. The fiscal results of this past year are testament to the effectiveness of these efforts. We strive to put the best team possible in front of our customer throughout their entireClearTech Experience. Why do we do this To ensure that the customer will have a positive outcome and return to us time after time. We are proud of the people we have proud of our employeessuccesses individually and as members of local teams. The relationship between ClearTech and our customers stands on more than just our sales group it is supported by operations administration customer service and everyone else who touches the customer directly or indirectly throughout the process. Together they pull us towards our goals. Gross revenue is not the only area that we made gains. Capital infrastructure continued to improve this year with new tanks chemical handling equipment racking systems process equipment control systems and improved packaging lines in many of our production facilities. The operations team continues to demonstrate their ability to glean higher efficiencies from our current assets to support our growth and to provide us the ability to look forward. 2013 was an interesting year in our market. When talking to people in the industry you will hear many complaining about being flat or justokthis past year they say that it has been tough to make headway. I would suggest that the people the culture the tools the past investments and the attitude drove ClearTech to their largest growth in memorable history while others in our business struggled to make gains. My sincere gratitude and appreciation goes out to all of those that helped achieve this success. Randy Bracewell CLEARTECH 7