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Hydor-Tech had another strong year in 2013.The objective for 2013 was to maintain our solid customer base while optimizing our production facility both of which were accomplished.We are very pleased with the execution of our business plan which allowed us to exceed our sales and profit targets set out at the beginning of the year. Our performance can be attributed to several factors but are not limited to customers suppliers great quality staff and poor wet weather. Mother Nature certainly had a helping hand in our results with the very wet weather we experienced and longer than normal run-off creating increased demand for our water treatment products. We can also thank our strong network of distributors who are very knowledgeable of their markets and have helped us to grow our base of end users of our products. Our results are reflected in their belief in the Hydor-Tech brand and we look forward to continuing to foster these strong relationships. The year did come with a number of challenges that we were able to overcome.People are a companys greatest assetis a common phrase but one that certainly holds true and was demonstrated at Hydor-Tech this past year. 2013 saw a complete revamping of the administrative team with new leadership and customer service as well as a period of staff shortage on the operational side. We have a maturing operational team that continues to find solutions for process and quality improvements and a business development team that will be working in conjunction with our newly created research and product development department to optimize and broaden our current product line. This will allow us to invest in the future and expand our markets with current products as well as newly developed chemistries in order to maximize our production capacity. We move into 2014 with great optimism.We intend to intensify our market focused research and development to ensure we are aligned with our ever changing customers needs. New products play a fundamental role in our growth plans. Our goal is to remain a responsible company that is always taking steps towards continuous improvement. Regardless of the scope of our aspirations or the scale of our achievements HTL future rests on its principals of commitment service quality and safety. Dan Malbeuf HYDORTECH NEW PRODUCTS PLAY A FUNDAMENTAL ROLE IN OUR GROWTH PLANS. 10