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Looking back at this past year Adventure Destinations positioned itself to meet the demands of the growing market. Adventure Destinations had an exciting year with Wild TV filming over the summer at all three locations under the ADI banner for the upcoming realitydocumentary series Fish Camp Past the Pavement. The series showcases the day to day challenges faced in the outfitting industry along with the opinions and views of guests and staff members. Twin Falls Lodge recorded the best year in guest numbers in over 10 years with a margin 30 above its previous best year and it is showing promise to top those numbers in 2014. Manager Ron Cojacar had a challenging end to his season with the demolition and replacement of three cabins dealing with a load of materials dropped from the helicopter halfway to the destination along with other unforeseen challenges which will make the completion of this project that much more rewarding. Selwyn Lake Lodge saw a significant increase in guest numbers over the previous year but continues to fall short of the numbers required to have a break-even year. Fishing at Selwyn Lake was the best in years with highlights including eleven Trophy Trout caught during the filming of the fishing show Flatliners. With the exception ofThe Bear destroying the outpost again this spring Selwyn had very little in the way of challenges. Thompsons Camps enjoyed another very good season although revenues were down 9 from the previous year mostly accounted for by the reduced mining and exploration crews that TCLP supports year round. Guest numbers were down slightly due to the high water and flooding issues in June which closed the highway north of Prince Albert combined with poorly marked detours resulting in some guests changing plans and cancelling trips. A new addition to the facility at Thompsons includes a new generator to supply power during the many power outages that TCLP experiences every year. Churchill River Trading Post has solid new management in place this year. Dean and Crystal chose to uproot and move to the North with their 10 year old son in the hope to spend more quality time together. Churchill River Trading Post is positioning to supply the local community of Otter Lake and Grandmothers Bay with excellent service and products that our customers need. Ron Striker ADVENTURE DESTINATIONS INTERNATIONAL ... AN EXCITING YEAR WITH WILD TV FILMING OVER THE SUMMER AT ALL THREE LOCATIONS. 13