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The cautious optimism referred to in last years report is the reoccurring theme this year. A number of the plans included last year did play out and others didnt. Its interesting that when summing up the year we can reflect on how many positive things have happened in spite of a financial year with results that did not meet our expectations. Weve appreciated the new Head Office expansion allowing the management team to literally work together more efficiently. We did expand the HR Department with the welcome addition of our new Director of HR and new support positions. Because our biggest resource at Caron is our people the management of those people is and must be a priority. With the restructuring of HR we are seeing the benefits early on. Making that move was not an easy decision since we had a less than stellar year financially. Our sales results were flat our profits down by over 30 due to the softening of the oilfield business in the beginning of the year in addition to wet weather in all parts of Alberta and BC.The challenge of filling our trucks with professional drivers was not being met to our satisfaction another reason for the changes in our HR Department. We are also in the final stages of opening a location in Williston. The new fleet will consist of 20 trucks and 20 trailers managed locally with support from Head Office. A new Sleep Apnea Program for professional drivers and employees in safety sensitive positions was successfully introduced this year. Caron is once again a leader in the industry being one of the first bulk carriers to move forward with this program. Our focus on training and development continues to move into all areas of the company while ensuring our Professional Driver Training component stays fresh and current. In order to support each of these initiatives it was important to re-evaluate our IT needs another project that has seen positive results and continues to move forward. Training and development plays a key part for our employees in using and supporting the new systems that are introduced. Our employees have again worked through all these changes challenges and results. And were not done the foundation continues to be supported and challenged to ensure that we can manage the growth anticipated for 2014. Thank you to each of you who have contributed Bruno Muller CARON TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS 5