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Looking at the past as an indicator of the future if not kept in context limits our forward vision. If we set goals based on the past we simply admit that we are limited. In saying this new eyes and a 40000-foot view bring a fresh perspective. 2013 was a comfortable altitude to level off at after a steep three-year accent. It was a time to reflect internally and externally so we could lead Kreos forward with authenticity purpose and with a contribution to all stakeholders. It was a time to create a new normal. It is easy to talk about all we accomplished and how it has positioned us for the years to come. Our accomplishments are not simply defined by the two aircraft we acquired the two we sold the multimillion dollar lease to Saskatchewan Air Ambulance the upgrade and new home of CAM at Hangar 7 the temporary welcome of STARS the increased FBO traffic nor our growing number of new customers. Rather the accomplishment has truly been in how our people juggled and positioned ourselves to take advantage of the new opportunities. It wasnt always pretty but we never let a ball hit the ramp. Each one of these opportunities have created areas for growth and creativity for our people. We have individuals positioned to take us higher. During the year we took a hard look at our personnel requirements. We created a Financial Controller position and hired a new Director of Maintenance and SMSQA Manager. Our Kreos team is willing to take ownership to learn to create and to collaborate and these are people who want to be part of a unique opportunity. Simply allowing people to recognize and understand that we dont have to struggle to get to where we want to go and then allowing this energy to flow in the right direction is a constant theme. Building a culture around the concept of intent and belief that growth is imminent has accelerated our need for preparedness. Why we do things is crystal clear. We are now building systems and procedures to handle whatever weather we fly into. Reflection is enjoyable only when you realize it got you to a better place and that the future holds nothing but excitement. This statement is so true for the Kreos Group of Companies. This year has been a great exercise in helping us understand how good we really are. The knowledge and belief that our potential is unlimited makes everything we did this past year very exciting and our future even more so. Wes Ramsay KREOS AVIATION INC EACH ONE OF THESE OPPORTUNITIES HAVE CREATED AREAS FOR GROWTH AND CREATIVITY FOR OUR PEOPLE. 12