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2013 was planned to be the year for consolidation of the organization enabling the company to continue the growth of previous years. The growth requires expansion of the customer service support department worldwide. The sales offices outside the Netherlands are now equipped with a fully automated calibration facility allowing ISO9001-2008 certified calibration for local markets with a quick response turn-around time. We expect strong growth in service and maintenance in the coming years. Doing business worldwide requires worldwide marketing. In September 2013 we have launched a restyled edition of our very appreciated website including full versions in French and Spanish. The ChineseMandarin version is on its way. We have started to participate in solar energy conferences for local markets in various South American countries.The growth potential in BRIC countries is tremendous. Although the traditional West European market showed a slowdown success could be seen in the markets in Turkey South Africa Brazil and Mexico while markets as China Japan and Korea continued to be strong. The exceptional growth in the USA has been driven by a strong solar energy market. Highlights for 2013 included 2 nice orders from Saudi Arabia for 20 stations and Argentina for 30 stations and the increased interest in the Brewer double Spectrophotometer. The Brewer double Spectrophotometer a product manufactured under license of Environment Canada invented by Dr. Brewer from Canada experienced a renewed interest from the world scientific community.The instrument is capable of monitoring solar UV-radiation with the highest accuracy available allowing for studies of the ozone layer quality and other studies. After its success in the 90s when the ozone was high on the public agenda the instrument has seen a real comeback with a huge project list reaching into 2015 and 2016. The comeback is caused by the political agenda to increase the network density with more stations focusing on the effects of UV radiation on both public health and crop yield. Because many instruments date back to more than 20 years ago a market for replacements has started to develop as well. At the end of September Kipp Zonen launched the new solar radiation sensor CMP10 targeted for the solar energy market offering a maintenance free sensor with a warranty period of 5 years helping the operators of solar energy power plants to reduce operational costs. 2013 provided us stable business new interesting projects in new markets and upcoming challenges for the years to come. Ben Dieterink KIPP ZONEN KIPP ZONEN EXPECTS STRONG GROWTH IN SERVICE AND MAINTENANCE BUSINESS FOR THE COMING YEARS. 9