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For G Mechanical Saskatoon 2013 has been filled with trials tribulations and successes. G Mechanical has changed drastically from the end of 2012 to the end 2013 and its difficult to believe that it could all be done within a mere 12 months But without the trials and tribulations of not only the past 12 months but the past 24 months we could not have matured into the company of today and to what we will evolve into in future years. A failure is only a failure if you do not learn from it and it has become very apparent that our failures are as important as our successes and accomplishments. We have reaffirmed the adageprojects are never made on the job site but rather built in the office.As we moved through the past twelve months we have sharpened our estimating proficiencies. We are consistently within 2 5 of our capable competition on tenders. This has been accomplished by not only constantly upgrading our estimating expertise and software but also by developing deeper relationships with our suppliers and our sub-trades. We have also discovered from our past that our site people demand more support not only knowledge and training but also precise labour management. Our past clearly shows that labour burn is a killer. We now support our foremen with training in labour forecasting and tracking. We provide them with all of the valuable information from our estimates from which we built the project. We also provide them with all the technology tools and training required which will help support them to reach success. G Mechanical is constantly reminded not all work is good work. Through a lot of discipline we are now choosing our work and whom we work for.This has enabled us to venture into the designbuildarena. It has required us to market ourselves better and develop stronger relationships with better clients. Without realizing our past our future would not be so optimistic. Without the past adversities G Mechanical would not have developed to be in the prime position we are now fortunately in and we are poised for a great year. Randy Black G MECHANICAL THROUGH A LOT OF DISCIPLINE WE ARE NOW CHOOSING OUR WORK AND WHOM WE WORK FOR. 11