b'ADI|LAURA HALE Adventure Destinations Inc.2021 was a time of growth and change forAlthough not a stellar year, ThompsonsI am super excited about my new role. Twin ADI. We worked hard to continue to buildResort financial performance was anFalls is a stunningly beautiful place, come a strong foundation for long-term success.improvement over 2020. An increase insee for yourself this summer.We challenged ourselves to let go of whatmining exploration and industry activityYes, uncertainty in 2021 presented was not working and focused our energy onboosted revenue and is expected tochallenges for the adventure travel and what was. Not always the easy choice butcontinue for 3-5 years. Reduced visits totourism industry. ADI stayed flexible it gave us space and momentum to keepOutpost Camps was attributed to sideand responsive. We remained patient, on track toward our goals. We reviewedeffects surrounding a global pandemic.determined, and considerate. We learned and energized our strategic plan, refinedIn September, our Outfitting businessa lot and improved. And finally, a big shout our decision-making process, continued tohosted ADIs first international visitors inout to the hard-working and dedicated categorize our customer segments, set ourtwo years. Churchill River Trading Post,team I have the pleasure to work with at KPIs and evaluated our financials. our convenience store and gas station,ADI and PIC. Thank you!In the unpredictable environment of aexperienced a change of leadership late global pandemic, we worked hard to meetin the season and will now be managed our projections and took advantage ofby Thompsons Resort. This was a positive provincial and federal Covid relief programschange, and we look forward to increased like wage subsidies and tourism sectorcooperation and stability across all ADI recovery support. With the rollout ofproperties. Construction was completed onLAURA HALEvaccines, travel slowly began to resumeour new 2,750 sq ft Twin Falls Lodge and we and we continued to create safe spaces andhave a new manager in placeme!21,577 litres of fuel used welcoming places for people to gather.13,647 km driven by boat We developed new packaged tour offerings and reached an international travel trade market through virtual participation in Rendez-vous Canada. Our partnership with SwimTrek (swimming focused vacation tour provider in the UK) quickly sold out but was postponed due to uncertainty of international travel. And we formed an exciting new partnership with the Canadian Challenge International Sled Dog Race (Iditarod and Yukon Quest qualifier). Collectively we determined that ADI was not a producer of events but a hosting partner providing resources, support, and opportunities for unique adventures.PIC GROUP 2021 ANNUAL PROFILE 29'