b'LONG LAKE INSURANCE|SCOTT FRIZZELL Long Lake InsuranceFor the second year in a row Covid-19Alongside Covid we have been faced withcultures through this pandemic and for the continues to be the hot topic as wea hard commercial market and have seenmost part a virtual working environment as continue to follow the rules andmarkets being very selective on whata team for most of 2021. I am also grateful guidelines that are put in place. 2021business they write, going off or outrightto all the PIC leaders and support team for became much the same and in the wordsdeclining certain risks, decreasing theirtheir guidance and mentorship. I feel very of one of my favorite television episodesparticipation on risks and overall premiumfortunate to be part of my partnership with of Friends pivot, pivot, pivot and if youcost increases to clients. This perfect stormPIC and ABD.havent seen the clip, I highly recommendhas been very challenging to grow our Alone we can do so little, together we it. I relate with this clip in terms of beingcommercial presence. I am very pleasedcan do so much prepared, using solid communication andthat we have grown our commercial Helen Kellerintentional direction. book of business with $1.8 million of new The pandemic has challenged usbusiness premium meeting and exceeding to navigate through struggles andour goal, due in part from our focus on uncertainty. In 2021, we focusedbuilding a strong independent commercial on building process efficiencies anddepartment that is prepared to earn and strengthen our business continuity plan.not to just expect business. We have taken the time to create a hybridI cannot say enough about the LLI team,SCOTT FRIZZELLservice standard for our clients, beingbringing together a variety of work prepared for the next time a curveball is thrown. All our branches have been able 12 locationsto keep the doors open and we have 380 years of combined team the ability for our entire team to workinsurance experienceremotely, if they are required to stay home because of Covid related rules. Challenging times can bring opportunities. Mergers and Acquisitions did not slowdown in 2021 in the insurance industry. The pandemic has created a realization to many brokerages who have aging ownership, lack of technology and significantly more competition that the timing may be a perfect opportunity to sell. LLI added three new locations in 2021 in Clavet, St. Louis and Cudworth, growing LLI from 9 to 12 physical locations.PIC GROUP 2021 ANNUAL PROFILE 25'