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2011 Annual Report 7 Steady improvement combined with new successes best sums up 2011 at ClearTech improvement in developing core competencies and infrastructure plus successes in areas such as new products service offerings and recruitment. We understand that our success is not an entitlement we have to earn it every day. We spent the last year earning our success by focusing on what works and focusing on by adding value to our loyal client base. It is said that the world is changing that you can no longer corner a market. You can however find a corner of the market and serve it better than your competition. Our corner of the market is filled with vibrant dedicated customers who provide a high level of value to those they serve. One of our core initiatives is to find new products new services and new ways to make it easy for those customers to do business with us rather than find new customers for our products. Continuous improvement in every level of our organisation and in every transaction is also critical to the success of those who choose ClearTech as their supplier of choice. Sales truly is the heartbeat of ClearTechs ongoing success. As a sales organisation we believe that we can achieve everything we want to achieve if we are first helping our customers to achieve their goals. On that note I am pleased to share that our sales team chose 2010 to launch a new process system of competency based sales processes. This system has our sales team becoming more focused on core competencies follow through and continuous improvement benefiting both our customers and our own organisation. From a facilities perspective we also continue to improve. Capital projects in Edmonton have improved storage capacities automation systems and overall capabilities. This has positioned us to respond at a higher level to the needs of our customer base particularly in Alberta and neighboring provinces. Improvements to our core capabilities in sodium hypochlorite are slated for Richmond and Saskatoon in the 2012 fiscal year. Also in Saskatoon we are very excited to be relocating our head office within Saskatoon early in the new year. Our new location will provide a people friendly environment and provide room for growth into the foreseeable future. Many thanks to our sister companies Round Table Management and G Mechanical for their hard work in getting us into the new offices. The changes and improvements to our systems and facilities keep us confident for the future and we remain convinced of ClearTechs potential for growth. I am proud of the work our employees are doing to move ClearTech forward and thank each of them for their continued focus on our customers. Randy Bracewell Sales truly is the heartbeat of ClearTechs ongoing success.