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8 PIC Investment Group Inc. Wow. This is the word that sums up 2011 for Panther Industries. Our company experienced another record breaking year exceeding last years financial by 32 This is due to our core products being the main course for the oilfield. Whats interesting and exciting about this is that we have not yet satisfied the hunger that is out there. Before addressing how we are going to feed this beast I want to acknowledge that a record year could not have been accomplished without the cooperation of our suppliers and sister companies. ClearTech allowed us to put an HCL tank at their 180th location which was instrumental in our success for supplying HCL. This was designed to be a winwin and wow did it ever. This gave Panther the option to ship via rail to help feed the appetite for HCL in Southern Alberta. Caron was another great asset. Caron invested in more trucks allowing us to ship more tonnes and help with lead times to our customers. This past year the two sister companies and ourselves worked on communication and have routine talks. This has changed our relationship from good to fantastic and this was a major contributor for our wow year. Since we have not yet satisfied this hunger Panther has made it a priority to look forward ten years. In doing so we have put our name on 9 acres of undeveloped land in Edmonton and are in the process of putting together a site plan with future growth in mind. To give you an idea of how exciting the times are right now our 10 year plan looks more like 5 Plans are in motion to build another HCL storage site with the availability of transloading. This is welcome news to our customers and supplier Erco Worldwide. It is projected that Panther will be providing over eighty thousand tonnes of HCL into the gas and oil market in the next several years. To add to our menu Panther is looking at a Saskatchewan opportunity that will help us get into the brine business. In doing so we will be able to service two suppliers creating a synergy greater than the one that already exists. We are excited about this venture and already have plans on taking this to a whole new level. Panther is in constant discussion regarding preparation at the same time we have our fingers on the pulse of our customers and suppliers. The positive momentum does not stop there. Adding to our wow season we have finally found the automation Panther has been looking for. It has taken eight years to find equipment that we were happy with but we found it. Equipment is already at the plant and is planned to be put in this upcoming spring. Once set up our automation will resolve our shortage of man power allowing us to package tonnes in 8 hours that normally would take 24. We are all very excited to get this equipment so we can revisit some opportunities that we once had to decline. As I said wow is the only way to describe 2011. Panther is looking forward to the next couple of years. The projection is for 20 growth in 2012 and 26 growth in 2013. Jack Schneider ...Panther will be providing over eighty thousand tonnes of HCL into the gas and oil market...