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2011 Annual Report 17 TinyEYE Technologies Corporation Greg Sutton 127 116 Research Drive Saskatoon SK S7N 3R3 TinyEYE provides speech-language pathology services to school districts health regions and private individuals over the internet using software web cameras and headsets. TinyEYE is now the worlds leading provider of online speech therapy telepractice by individual professionals working independently all over the world. Therapy has been provided to clients in Canada the U.S.A. China Jamaica New Zealand and Saudi Arabia. TitanStar Properties Inc. Rick Turner 590 1333 West Broadway Vancouver BC V6H 4C1 The sole business of the Company is the ownership of real property interests consistent with a well-established investment policy. The Company seeks to create a portfolio of real estate assets in the United States with value to be maximised through the acquisition of well-positioned undervalued or underperforming assets. 101178518 Saskatchewan Ltd Aaron Wignes PO Box 1901 Saskatoon SK S7K 3S5 We entered a partnership with a local general contractor whom we have known for approximately ten years. This investment exemplifies the mandate of PIC in its minority holdings. We are providing an opportunity to our partner to build a bigger project than what he could accomplish on his own. In exchange PIC gains a return on our investment as well as an opportunity to work with a partner in residential construction on a limited basis. 101178518101178518