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2011 Annual Report 13 The concept of developing a greater critical mass of facilities and destinations under the umbrella of ADI is proving its worth. As the destination tourism industry struggles to draw participants and often even to survive the guest numbers and annual revenue for ADI continues to grow at respectable rates. Guest numbers were up 20 for Selwyn Lake Lodge were stable for Twin Falls and grew by over 15 for Thompsons Otter Lake Resort. Utilisation of day-use lakes was up while utilisation of outpost camps lagged behind previous years. An analysis of the Thompsons Otter Lake Resort bookings reveals that guest numbers were limited by available space in peak periods and by the on-site housing of a large number 3050 of mine personnel. As a result guests are booking with deposits well into 2012 and 2013 to ensure they have accommodations for coming seasons. Overall revenue at Thompsons grew by nearly 80 as a result of the year round operation. Selwyn Lake Lodge while increasing guest numbers failed to improve the bottom line. The single greatest drain on revenue from Selwyn was increased costs attributed to higher fuel costs which impacted power generation boat operations and guest movement both in wheeled air and float operation to the lodge and return. With little reason to believe this cost will decline the decision has been taken to significantly increase trip rates for 2012. There is no indication to date that the new guest rate will significantly impact bookings into the future. Twin Falls while experiencing some of the best walleye fishing of the past decade continues to struggle to attract guests. A revised price schedule with more of an al a carte format has been developed for 2012 in an effort to make this destination attractive to a greater number of guests. Continuous improvement of facilities at Thompsons has not only opened the resort to year round utilisation but has justified increased usage rates. The three new duplex buildings came on stream this season and despite rates starting at 400 per night were wildly popular. The new five bedroom back bay facility was heavily utilised while the lakeshore twelve- unit facility was fully occupied throughout the year. Rebuilding of the games cabin greatly improved the attractiveness of that facility as well. Selwyn constructed new staff housing for employees this spring replacing several of the shack tents which have served as housing for the past eighteen years. Fish TV a popular fishing show filmed a half hour walleye fishing experience at Twin Falls and half hour Northern Pike and half hour Northern pike lake trout combo shows at Selwyn this past spring which have begun to air and will air multiple times on several different networks over the coming winter. With assistance from Tourism Saskatchewan this is seen as a sound marketing investment. With improved rate structure tighter cost control and increased guest numbers ADI is rapidly moving to become a contributing member of the PIC Group of Companies. Jim Yuel ...ADI is rapidly moving to become a contributing member of the PIC Group of Companies.