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2011 Annual Report 11 2011 was a year of execution. We spent the first part of the fiscal year expediting the completion of challenging projects to create capacity. This allowed us to concentrate on adding quality clientele bidding and winning profitable projects and building on our efficiencies. It was about taking what we had learned in 2010 and implementing and executing on process and procedure. Our management team was rounded out with the addition of an in house controller that greatly improved our ability to access timely financial information. This dovetailed into the implementation of industry specific software Timberline. This project management program has given us the ability to track specific categories on each job providing real time quality information we can use to make effective management decisions. In 2011 we focused on running leaner and more efficiently with our labor force. We undertook a Talent Triage challenging ourselves to reduce our numbers to maintain the best and the brightest on our project teams. The efforts of our Foremen and remaining staff reflected in G Mechanical experiencing the most positive six months of revenue and profit we have encountered as a company. We are excited about our management infrastructure providing leadership and vision for the current business climate but also affording us the ability to support a substantial increase in sales revenue in the foreseeable future. The opportunity for growth is there. The construction market remains robust. We continue to see tremendous development in both the residential and commercial fields. From a revenue perspective multi-residential projects comprised the majority of our total in 2011. However we did see a dramatic increase in the number of commercial projects we were involved with and see the evolution towards more commercial prospects as a positive direction for G Mechanical. Now more than ever we are confident in G Mechanicals position in the marketplace our ability to build on the success that we have experienced in the last year and to taking advantage of the tremendous opportunities available in Saskatoon. TJ Smith work in progress This project management program has given us the ability to track specific categories on each job...