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2010 Annual Report 3 After record increases in top line sales during 2009 ClearTech trenched in holding sales levels steady for 2010. Sales remain the foremost priority for distribution organisations like ours but do not stand alone in dictating success. This year we also put attention and focus into profitability both in managing our profit on sales plus endeavouring to hold operating costs in check. These efforts resulted in another strong year of growth in profitability in keeping with the gains made over the previous few years. An admirable accomplishment during a year of relatively flat sales. Our success is a result of back-to-basic strategies. Strategy to market high margin product lines that complement our core of commodity chemicals strategy of increasing our offering to our existing customer base and a strategy to evolve product offerings and supply chains to fit the needs and culture of our business. Having dealt with our share of adversity over the past year especially in our equipment business where a key supplier was removed from our supply chain I am pleased with how our people have seized available opportunities and applied lessons learned to continuously improve and position us to achieve success. We have work to do but we are still standing in front of our customers working with them in the goal of creating mutual success. Operationally little changed within ClearTech this past year. Our distribution model is quite simple and we stick to the basics. Bench strength was improved with the addition of a sales manager in BC technical chemistry support in Alberta and our equipment service department in Manitoba. All of these are examples of how a growing company adds resources to feed the continuance of growth. Further the infrastructure added in Alberta during the spring of 2008 continues to live up to our expectations under strong leadership providing new opportunities for business. New capacity coming on line in Edmonton this fiscal year by both our sister company and ourselves continues this trend of adding basic strength and growth opportunities to our offering. Although we finished with a strong year financially we are not satisfied with our sales growth in 2010. Given our strengths the potential of our markets and the expectations we put upon ourselves we believe the growth rates should be higher. We have all of the ingredients needed to make this happen. We have good people employed throughout this organisation and we have them situated in the right places. We have support and commitment from our ownership we have strong supply partners who understand what we bring to the market and we have a loyal customer base whose trust and business is ours to lose. Further we have strategies in place for 2011 to improve the operation of our sales department while enabling us to place specific focus on business development for future growth. I am confident that our sales in 2011 will meet expectations and demonstrate an increase over 2010 levels. Thank you once again to all of the people both inside of this organisation and out that continue to contribute to our success. We cannot do it without you. Randy M. Bracewell