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16 2010 Annual Report Our 2010 contributions were well over the Canadian and Provincial averages in-part due to the significant need in our communities coupled with the shrinking access to funding most charities experienced. We continue to focus on five main categories disease research youth development municipal provincial economic development nature and community quality of life. Our participation within each category will fluctuate each year depending on what is required and our ability to affect the outcome. The announcement of the Childrens Hospital of Saskatchewan validated the great deal of effort invested over the years by this company and Jim Yuel specifically. And now the real work begins. The Capital campaign required for the Foundations investment in that facility will take place in earnest during 2011 and continue for the next number of years. The PIC Group will continue its support of this project. For some organisations the funds contributed by the PIC Group represent a small portion of a large fundraising effort. Other organisations can list or describe the impact that each dollar has. Both situations are valid and worthy of our support. In a world where the needs are so great we have difficulty in choosing who we could and should support. Many credible reputable organisations would benefit from our assistance therefore we must discern where our support for those in need is best allocated. Charitable Contributions