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In contrast to the 2009 season opener where all lodges experienced late ice problems and forced booking changes the 2010 season saw ice-off in mid-May to early June depending upon location. This early break-up in the north was followed by one of the warmest and driest summers of the past several decades. The fishing remained exceptional throughout the season at all locations. Selwyn Lake Lodge continued to improve both in guest numbers and guest experience under the leadership of Greg Sproat. Selwyn was host to a number of unique guests this past season. Repeat guests and rebooking numbers continue to improve at Selwyn reflecting the improved product and operational stability. Twin Falls Lodge had a similar guest count to the previous season but with a more balanced guest attendance. The fishing at Twin Falls continues to improve year over year with excellent walleye fishing throughout the season. The addition of two new boats plus staining and improvements to the primary cabins brought the lodge up to an improved standard. The client base for Twin Falls Lodge has shifted over the past decade from primarily American to primarily Albertan because of a greater marketing emphasis in Alberta and the collapse of the American tourist industry. Thompsons Otter Lake Resort experienced a year of high activity and turmoil as a result of a major renewal project. Following the removal of six old cabins 32 beds construction began on three milled log duplexes 36 beds as well as a new five bedroom familygroup facility on the back bay. The stick frame facility was completed and in service for the season but the duplexes endured numerous delays due to weather labor shortages material delays and various other causes. Guests were accommodated wherever possible with more guests opting to try an outpost camp than in previous years. In spite of the difficulties Ron Striker and his staff managed to satisfy the hundreds of guests visiting Thompsons. With the additions and changes Thompsons Otter Lake Resort is quickly becoming the premier drive-up resort of this type in Saskatchewan. The development of gold mines in the vicinity of Otter Lake has created an opportunity to provide year round accommodations and meal service. Coupled with the winterisation of cabins this will create the opportunity to develop a winter sports client base thus generating year-round revenue. As the economy throughout North America continues to improve Adventure Destinations anticipates continued growth in guest numbers with a gradual return of tourists from the United States. Jim Yuel 2010 Annual Report 9