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12 2010 Annual Report Dawn Wotherspoon 103 23rd St E Saskatoon SK S7K 0J1 In 2008 PIC entered into an Angel Investment partnership and loan with a young entrepreneur and former PIC Group employee Dawn Wotherspoon. To date the results have been a testament to both the Angel Investment process and Dawns dedication to the business. The private group fitness facility located in downtown Saskatoon continues to thrive. The fitness facility has brought a unique element to the fitness industry in Saskatoon by offering fun non-intimidating exercise options designed to help participants stay motivated in their fitness programs. Minority Investment Portfolio ClubMynx Fitness Inc. TitanStar Properties Inc. Rick Turner President 590 - 1333 West Broadway Vancouver BC V6H 4C1 Canada TitanStar is a capital pool company listed on the TSX Venture Exchange filed with applicable securities regulatory authorities in each province and territory of Canada other than the province of Quebec. TitanStar seeks to acquire certain real property and securities pursuant to the policies of the TSX Venture Exchange. The reason PIC Investment Group Inc. negotiates and participates in minority investments is to facilitate entrepreneurship and help existing businesses grow. PIC assesses risk and makes investment decisions based on the criteria listed on our website. Our intention is always to maximise our return either long-term or short-term by bringing some synergy or expertise to the business. Our assistance intends to enable the business to reward or redeem our investment. The basic underlying motive is a belief that a strong and vibrant economy is grown one business at a time. Our focus this year was on protecting our best chances for success and employing our time and money in the areas that we could help the most. As a result we did not embark on any new initiatives and instead concentrated all of our energy on making the most of the investments that we could positively affect.