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13 ADVENTURE DESTINATIONS Adventure Destinations made only marginal changes in 2014. However due to retirements and resignations the three fishing and hunting lodges will all be under new management by the end of the 2015 season. The first episode of 13 for season 1 of FishCamp Past the Pavement aired Sept 22 2014. Filming for season 2 was completed this year with expectations of a much better scripted 13 episodes. Selwyn Lake Lodge despite a 17 increase in guest numbers continues to struggle with finding ways towards profitability. Guest satisfaction was at an all-time high this year with the quality of fishing being the best since the lodge inception in 1993. A lake record Northern Pike of 53was landed at one of our day use fly outs on Selwyn Lakes south arm. Greg Sprout after 6 seasons has tendered his resignation as lodge manager effective October 2015. Greg will continue as manager during the 2015 season while mentoring a replacement manager. Twin Falls Lodge had challenges throughout the year. Late ice-out conditions followed immediately by forest fires and evacuations of Stanley Mission compounded the challenges of opening the Lodge.The project taken on in late 2013 of replacing cabins to be completed in the spring of 2014 was pushed back and completed in the fall of 2014. One additional cabin was replaced as well in the fall of 2014 and the Lodge is in good shape looking forward to 2015. Ron Cojacar announced his retirement in the fall of 2014 but will stay on till October 2015 to assist during the transition to new management. Guest numbers were down in 2014 as bookings were pushed back to accommodate completion of the new cabins. Thompsons Camps took a major step backwards in revenues and profitability this past season due to the mining crews pulling out in January 2014. However a returned focus on the traditional guest mix shows promise with many positive results that were witnessed over the past summer. Guest satisfaction and comments were at an all-time high this past year and staffing moral was at its best since ADI acquired the operation. The theme continues as the lodge managers of Thompsons have given notice for April 2015. This leaves a huge void to fill but also provides the opportunity to bring in new management with fresh ideas and new enthusiasm. Improvements on replacing docks and beautification around the lodge were the focus of 2014. Churchill RiverTrading Post made some positive moves forward this year.With the mandate of being a seasonal convenience store revenues were almost half of the previous season but losses were close to that of 2013. However a small increase in revenues will turn this into a profitable venture.Working smarter and cleaning up old inventory this past year helped achieve goals set in the spring.The addition of a 45 KVA backup generator ensured there were no interruptions during regular power outages over the season. At present CRTP is gathering some quotes on some major renovations to address some structural issues identified over the past two years. Ron Striker Sales 2829712 Current Assets 644145 Total Assets 6540312 Ownership 100