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Sales 129678000 Current Assets 25299000 Total Assets 115403000 Ownership 50 8 CARON TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS How exciting to recover from aless than stellaryear as was reported last year to an exceptional year Between both the Canadian and US operations we have experienced steady growth with total corporate revenues increasing by approximately 15. The fleets were expanded to support that growth both in the US and Canada. Our employee base has experienced similar increases with new positions added within operations accounting and HR. Thats great news yet filling seats with drivers remains a constant challenge. More people and more equipment means more room needed to place people to park and maintain equipment We are anticipating another expansion at the Sherwood Park facility which will include a new welding facility and shop expansion. We are also in the preliminary stages of opening a location in Dilly Texas. We continue to strive to be a leader in our industry which we do in ways that complement our modern fleet. In cab cameras were introduced this year complementing many other initiatives that we continue to see as beneficial GPS fleet tracking and the continued success of the Sleep Apnea program. Resources continue to be provided to expand training and development into all areas of the company with a focus on the Professional Driver training component. We continue to grow on the other side of the border too Our expansion into the US has been both exciting and challenging. The Bainville MT operation moved into a 10000 sq foot building complete with office space for an expanding staff a bulk fuel station ample room for parking equipment a good position for launching into year two. In addition to a general manager the employee base now includes 40 drivers a terminal manager an operations manager administrators dispatchers and a mechanic at this location. Every one of our employees plays a part in the success of our company. Our customers regularly provide feedback on the consistent level of service we provide both on the road and through the support of each of our terminals. The dedication of our employees is the number ONE reason for our success and the efforts in ALL departments are greatly appreciated Bruno Muller