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9 CLEARTECH INDUSTRIES While 2013 was a year of milestones growth acquisition and change 2014 was more a year of crossing our Ts and making sure the things done to grow the business over the past few years remain sustainable into the future. ClearTech posted solid growth in 2014. We increased total revenue by a healthy 9 and net profit increased by over 10. In fact over the past 4 years our average compound growth rate as expressed in total revenues is 9.2 year over year. The business is strong. We continue to build on that strength by securing the foundations plus planning for and investing in growth. We often get asked what we do. Our answer is usually We sell stuff. Our core product offering has remained stable since the beginning and looks to remain intact into the foreseeable future. Inorganic chemicals particularly in the chlor-alkali segment destined for use in water or wastewater are at the forefront of that offering. Given the strength in these products our markets have naturally centered around utilities both industrial and municipal. Thanks to a robust sales team many additional opportunities in both products and markets have spun off from this base. With a wide range of specialty chemicals and a diverse equipment offering the ClearTech of today is much more than thewater treatment guyswe were once known as. ClearTech has also evolved from a simple regional distributor of products into a nationally recognised company with ten facilities across seven cities and five provinces. Six of these facilities do more than just warehouse and distribute products they are fully operational manufacturing and packaging facilities where we add value to products by blending diluting packaging and even manufacturing products specific to the market or to our customers needs. These facilities have seen change and growth over time with 2014 being no exception. For 2015 we will be busy. Busy ensuring we are positioned for organic growth. We will be completing infrastructure expansion in BC planning new infrastructure on the Prairies and implementing improved technologies in our business systems. Our team will also be pushing forward in providing technical expertise and support plus we will remain diligent in our search for strategic acquisition opportunities that will help us continue our path of growth and success. Our story is a good one and we expect it to remain that way all made possible only because of the good people who make up our team. Randy Bracewell Sales 114473000 Current Assets 31590000 Total Assets 43153000 Ownership 100