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Todays ClearTech is a mature well-entrenched company with over 35 years in the chemical distribution market. We define ourselves in the industry and remain differentiated because of our own blend of commitment agility and knowledge. We have built a solid foundation. Our goal now is to continue adding pieces to sustain our growth over the next several years and beyond. In 2012 we built forward by relocating our corporate headquarters to the newly renovated facility at 1500 Quebec Ave in Saskatoon. Our new offices provide room to grow but just as importantly they provide a more appropriate people friendly environment for our colleagues performing the administration and customer service duties required at our head office. The property is truly a showpiece and something to be proud of. We invite all of our friends customers suppliers and other partners to stop in for a visit as opportunity permits. Also in October 2012 we completed a strategic purchase of Advance Chemical Ltd. in Port Coquitlam. Advance was established in 1985 to manufacture sodium hypochlorite and to support the pool and cleaning industries in the lower mainland of British Columbia. The owners and the employees at Advance embody the same loyalty to customers commitment to service and strong integrity known throughout ClearTech. This combined with the obvious synergies between the two businesses makes me excited with respect to the potential we can create together. Advance is not a large company. Relative to ClearTech this is a small acquisition but in relation to our BC operations it essentially doubles our overall output. Advance is an investment and a commitment in one of the areas of the country that we are looking to grow. We are stronger because we have gained new people new markets and new opportunities in the process. Another strategy that has been in play for the past two years is a direct focus on ensuring we have the right people taking us forward in every aspect of our business. Without the right people we cannot execute our business at the level needed to excel. Execute well and our customers will drive our success. Execute poorly and we will be relegated to the status of commodity competing on price alone. We understand that excellent execution requires excellent people. Our future is in our own hands. Our services and strategies are not unique. We dont have any magic formulas. We simply know what we are and what it takes to keep our business a success. We are a value added customer friendly feet-on-the-street distributor of products. We are proud of the work our employee group is doing to support our direction and identity. We thank them for their continued unwavering focus on our customers and on our success. Randy Bracewell 7 PIC INVESTMENT GROUP INC.