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The struggling US economy had little effect on Adventure Destinations as a whole this season but did effect Selwyn Lake Lodge numbers significantly. With strong marketing last season in Canada little focus was put into the US market which showed in the declining numbers. ADI hopes to expand the number of shows it attends in the US in the spring of 2013 but will have to be selective on which markets it focuses on. Selwyn Lake Lodge despite its 45 decrease in guests from the previous year did have a good year in terms of the percentage of guests that rebooked for 2013. With a solid start of 70 of the guests rebooked and many positive comments from guests Selwyns Manager Greg Sproat has a positive outlook for 2013. Continuing to market along with our other destinations Selwyn Lake Lodge will target those guests in the market looking for the special trip. Twin Falls Lodge showed a modest 10 increase in guest numbers over the previous year with revenues remaining about the same this mostly due to some reduced packages marketed to some groups early in the season. Improvements on equipment at Twin Falls continue to receive many positive comments such as two new boats and 4 motors and the replacement of all the boat seats. The addition of a 24 foot pontoon boat was enjoyed by guests and larger groups as well utilized for moving large amounts of freight and guests between Stanley Mission and the lodge. Thompsons Camps began the summer under the control of the management team of Simon and Wendy Parsons and showed an increase of 20 in revenues over the previous year. Increased revenues are partly due to increased rates for 2012 the mining crews that we are in support of remained relatively the same and guest numbers which were up slightly. Over 3200 guests stayed at TCLP between May and October while more than 500 guests enjoyed the experience of either a day fly out or a stay at one of our outpost camps. The addition of three new party barges and the upgrading of 8 new engines on the main lake were welcomed by guests this season. Thompsons Camps will continue to upgrade and renovate existing facilities as the demand for the higher end experience is evident and with the number of continued repeat guests Thompsons Camps should be able to continue to provide a great family or businesscorporate retreat at a great value in the coming years. The purchase of the general store in Missinipe The Churchill River Trading Post will give Thompsons Camps the opportunity to generate another stream of revenue as well as attract future full time employees in the community. Jim Yuel 2012 ANNUAL REPORT 14