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2012 was a planned correction year for both Caron Transportation Systems and Interload Services Ltd. and therefore the financial results will be less impressive then in 2011. We are hopeful that the significant wage adjustments implemented for drivers and mechanics and the addition of new positions in various departments and terminals will allow both organizations to grow and prosper in the coming years. We have completed construction on our head office expansion and I would like to thank all our head office employees for their patience during the long eight months of noise and dust. Hopefully you all agree that the final product was worth the pain and suffering. There are a number of opportunities and absolute musts in the pipeline for 2013. Adding to the maintenance facilities in Grande Prairie or making changes to operate 247 in our existing facility and constructing a dedicated trans-load facility in Saskatoon for one of our present customers are top priorities. We are also exploring the feasibility of a third terminal in the Edmonton area and are beginning the preliminary plans and discussions on how to proceed with replacing our current Edmonton facility. At this point managements focus is mainly on organic growth but there are a number of acquisitions being looked at both in western Canada and in the United States. We are cautiously optimistic that the changes we made will allow us to recruit more people in 2013 and therefore we should have another year of above average growth. This report would not be complete without announcing that our organization reached the milestone of more than 100 million dollars in sales in 2012. To put this in prospective for everyone but mostly for those team members that have been here since day one our first years sales when we purchased Caron Transport in 1990 were 3.5 million. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our dedicated employees supportive customers and reliable suppliers. It goes without saying that without the entire team working together the organization would not enjoy the success that it does. Bruno Muller 5 PIC INVESTMENT GROUP INC.