What Does PIC Group Inc. do?

PIC Group is a family office. We own operating companies as well as many minority equity positions in businesses complimentary to our operating companies, Ag industry, the health care industry or other longterm strategic relationships.  We exercise our ownership through a Board Governance strategy.  In this way we support the leader of the company that we have invested in by participating on a Board of Directors constructed around a competency model.  The competency compliments the company by providing expertise that assist the leaders in achieving the aspirations of the company. 

PIC Group also provides a tremendous amount of back-office support to the companies that it controls.  Everything from payroll and benefits administration, to training facilitation, Controller seconding, financing, M&A expertise, and strategic planning facilitation. 

Our customers are the companies that we own.  Our goal is to acquire more customers. 


President's Message

from Greg Yuel

Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing; -Tuckman’s Stages of Development. A few years ago I described how we had a few companies at the front-end of that evolutionary cycle.